The total package of our equipment (waste water treatment unit) is built out of one or two main units:
* Flocculator, together with dosing station unit.
* Flotation unit PFL 1 (as stand alone or in combination with flocculator and dosing station)
The raw waste water influent enters the system through a flexible pipe DN32. The flexible piping is easy to remove trough the GK- click and turn system. Also for the suction side of the feeding pump + 10 meter of flexible piping is delivered.

In the flocculator the raw waste water influent is thoroughly mixed before entering the flotation unit.
In the flotation unit the raw waste water influent enters under free fall. Meaning of the flotation unit is to remove COD in the waste water by floating of the COD, meanly under the form of particles present in the raw waste water
In the flotation unit the raw waste water is mixed with a recycled water stream from the influent compartment. This recycled stream is transferred through a recirculation pump to the pressurised air/water diverter. Here in the recycled stream is mixed with air under pressure up to 5 bar. The pressurized air/water
diverter is foreseen with
*1 A? ai???ai??i?? ball valve for measuring of the water pressure.
*4 A? ai???ai??i?? outlets ball valves.
*1 A?ai??i??ai??i?? bleed of valve for excess air.
*1 A?ai??i??ai??i?? connection for the manometer

Under pressurisation to atmospheric pressure of the water/air mixtures trough the outlet valves, small micro bubbles will form and enter the flotation unit.
There they are mixed with raw waste water. The micro bubbles will adhere to the particles present in the raw waste water, thus decreasing their density. As a result the particles will float to the top of the unit.
There they are been scrap off, by meaning of the scraping system. The scraping system consists out of scraping blade, which are turned with a fixed speed. The formed sludge layer will be collected in the sludge compartment.
The treated waste water will BE collected in a second compartment through an
adjustable overflow weir.
Heavy particles present in the raw waste water influent will settle and will be intercepted at the on-build sediment trap. There they will be removed by the drain valve DN80. The flotation unit is completely built with an air dosing panel. If there is sufficient water pressure and air pressure then the PLC program will open the solenoid valve present on the air dosing panel, and thus mix air with recycled water.
The system as the capacity to treat 0.75m3/h The system can produce 800L/hr.

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